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Sometimes It Is Lupus: Weight loss

    Weight last week: 88.2kg
    Weight this week 91.4kg

    Well, the numbers speak for themselves.

    Hopefully, it’s not being affected by fluid still (because I don’t think I could survive more fluid tablets!)

    So what happened?

    Firstly, I didn’t record what I ate all week. I just decided to go with the flow over Christmas, not bother recording, and just eat all the rich yummy foods around. (For someone with a history of compulsive eating – this is not a good idea.)

    At the same time, I really pushed myself to get all the baking done, and then to get to all the celebrations. And since then, I’ve been lying in bed or on the couch all day, recovering. (But still eating leftovers.) I haven’t been to Curves (and I’m not sure if they’re open this week.), or doing any other exercise either.

    Now I’ve gained 3.2kg in a week.  Depressing? Maybe, but I have to confess, that I had a good time making a mess of myself. Now, it’s time to put the rest of the cake, fruit mince pies, etc in the freezer. I can go back to eating healthy salads and fruit, and hopefully that will start to help me deal with the fatigue as well. And I can start to move – do a bit of housework, maybe go for a short walk, build up to going back to my normal exercise program straight after the New Year.

    Since the treats all came out of my kitchen, there was at least one factor mitigating the damage. I don’t cook with saturated fats. (Or at least with any that can be avoided. So cheese, etc has to be the lowest fat possible.)

    I’ve got a bit of pain, especially in my lower back – which will make it a bit hard to start exercising, but also makes it essential.