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Sometimes It Is Lupus: Health Writer’s Month: The Juggling Act

    Wego Health – Health Writer’s Month Challenge

    Today’s topic:

    Health Activist Choice! Write about what you want today. (Maybe try a bonus prompt!)

    Hooray!  It’s Easter Saturday and I haven’t got the Easter Sunday service written yet. I’ve got visitors this afternoon, and it’s obvious that the house hasn’t been properly cleaned for over a week. So glad to not have to do something strange like writing Haiku!

    So what’s on my mind today is (apart from getting this post out of the way quickly) the juggling act that is my everyday life.

    With limited energy, having to be carefully budgeted, some things just don’t get done, or don’t get done as well as I’d like them to.

    So far, I’ve always met a deadline for work. Well, almost. Once or twice I’ve not had a reflection ready for the front of the newsletter. (This week I haven’t. But it’s Easter – the Moderator has a message that is meant to go out to the whole church anyway – so I’m just leaving space for her. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.) I have never allowed worship time to come around without having a service prepared. Sometimes, I’ve been so exhausted, I’ve had to sit down for the hymns, but my congregation’s used to that.

    As for the house, well when I run out of clothes, I manage to find the energy to wash, and when we run out of dishes, I find the energy to wash them as well. It’s a matter of what my son calls “project management” or what I call “pottering around”. I break every job down into its smallest bits. Then I just do little bits here and there as I have the energy. I’ll do a little of the housework, then put my feet up while I do a bit of writing. Then I’ll have a nap, before I duck out to the shop for milk.

    Bit by bit, things get done – or at least part-done.  There’s a lot of part-done things in my house right now. There’s a lot on my “to do” list for after Easter.