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Sometimes It Is Lupus: Health Blogging Month Day 16: I think I can…

    Engine Post.

    a list post with 10-15 lines that start each with “I think I
    can…” Write 5 lines at the end that start with “I know I

    I think I can…..

    1. Get out of bed
      tomorrow morning. (Well, I hope I can.)

    2. Find creative ways
      to solve problems.

    3. Lose this excess

    4. Think of some more
      things to write here.

    5. Encourage other
      people with lupus to see the things they can do despite this

    6. Contribute
      something worthwhile to the online support network that already
      exists for people with lupus.

    7. Do the dishes that
      are piled up in the kitchen (just got to build up the energy.)

    8. Do some washing
      before I run out of clothes (again, just got to build up some

    9. Tidy my desk.
      (Wait! I have a desk? Where did it go? How many unfinished projects
      will have to dig through to find it?)

    10. Write a
      Nobel-prize-winning novel. (No, I don’t really think so, especially
      since I don’t write novels as such. I just threw it in to see if you
      were still reading.)

    11. Find an elephant
      if it were hiding in my strawberry plants.

    12. Make the time to
      take proper care of myself.

    13. Sleep more than
      anyone else I know.

    14. Learn to let go of
      the things that really don’t matter.

    15. Stay sane, even if
      the internet does constantly drop out through the summer.

    I know I can…

    1. With God’s help,
      and with the help of my amazing friends, get through any challenge
      this stupid disease throws at me.

    2. Make the most of
      the gifts and abilities I still have.

    3. Use the extra time
      that working only part-time has given me, to develop skills I have
      not practised for some time (art, creative writing, music, etc),
      thereby using time that might have been a burden for a valuable

    4. Keep my sense of
      humour. No matter how bad things get – laughing helps get things
      in perspective.

    5. Find the energy to
      care for others as well as myself.

    This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days: