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Seedking Review ( Best Cannabis Seed Bank that Ships to USA

    Our Seedking review is mixed. On the surface, this looks like a terrific source to buy cannabis seeds. But we’ll explain in a bit why we say on the surface.
    First, the website is first class. It has 10 categories of best seed banks in usa listed, Feminized, Auto-Flowering, High THC, Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, Fast Growing. CBD. Regular and Bestselling.
    Pricewise however, they are a little stingy on the seeds. Order 3, and you pay almost $41. That’s $13.66 per seed. Ouch! Even when you order 10 seeds, you still pay $9.5 per seed.
    We are also very confused about what payments they accept. They state on their website they do not accept payments such as paypal and credit cards.
    That seems clear. Unfortunately, the next words on their website are are that they do accept them and even accept the credit card symbols on their website.
    Which is it Seedking? Do you accept credit cards or not. Therefore we’d say email before ordering for clarification
    We sort of clarified everything when we selected a product and asked that it be shipped to the United States. Our choices were to send cash, checks, money orders, bitcoin, or pay via credit card through Mesh Payment.
    We noted that Mesh charges 10 percent processing credit cards, so your best bet if you want to order seeds from Seedking is to use Automated Clearing and have the money come directly from your bank account.
    The three major pluses for Seedking? First, they ship directly from California to US customers. Second, they have a lot of product choices. Third, the product descriptions are very good.

    What do customers say?

    Unfortunately, high prices aren’t apparently the only problem with Seedking.
    Out of our most trusted review site, Seedking received 56 percent excellent reviews but one-third of all reviews rated Seedking poor or bad. Thirty percent rated them bad.
    There were many complaints of never receiving their orders and an equal amount of complaints about bad seeds that don’t germinate.