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Seed Bank

    If you are an organic beginner gardener, you need reliable seed sources to start your seed bank. Even if you don’t want to save seeds, a lot of people are worried about their seed sources and want to stay away from genetically modified seeds. How do you know that the seeds you buy are safe and good for organic farming?

    Farms: the first place to look are research farms; H. Private research farms dedicated to the search for and application of sound ecological techniques.

    Seed companies: Second, look for seed companies engaged in the sale of open-pollinated seeds. Open pollination occurs when plants can reproduce through wind, birds and bees. Hybrid seeds are not bad. Hybrids are hybrids of two or more plants raised by their strengths. For example, a farmer takes a tomato that usually lasts longer against certain diseases in his region and then grows it with a variety that is known to produce early. If it occurs early, you never have a chance to develop a disease. Both properties form a strong variety that was introduced to the market early. Many other farmers may like the variety and want to buy some of the seeds. Well, you have to buy seeds from the original breeder, unless you know the exact varieties of which the variety was made.

    Choice: Third, choose three or four companies to match the bill. Ask for something from everyone. It doesn’t have to be a big job. Just order something small, measure customer service and seeds. Plant and see what happens. If you are satisfied, you can have several sources of seeds. The three seed companies I use are Johnny’s selected seeds, the abundant gardens, and the southern seed exchange. I am not affiliated with these companies. However, they offer excellent customer service, ship quickly and deliver on their promises.

    Market Growers: Another great source of seeds are market growers who deal with organic and open pollinated seeds. These boys and girls are growing especially for the market. If you buy their products that contain seeds, you will have seeds for your garden next season.

    Enthusiastic gardeners: These are their serious types, people who also work in the garden in the cold of winter. If they are dedicated to openly pollinated seeds, they can be a great source of information and a great resource to help you start your own seed bank. They often have more seeds that can possibly grow in one season.

    Open pollinated seeds are a great way to preserve and expand the variety of our vegetables. They don’t just grow beets and beans. You learn a skill that feeds you and your family.