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    Do dual exhaust tips do anything?

    If you have dual exhaust tips to a single exhaust, your vehicle will look great, but it’s not doing anything to increase power. Dual exhaust will give you a significant power increase because of the engine’s ability to breathe better. Thus, if you are trying to increase horsepower, dual exhaust may be worth the cost

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    Do chrome exhaust tips change sound?

    As we’ve stated, unfortunately, an aftermarket exhaust tip won’t actually do anything to alter the performance of your car; however, it will change a couple of things. Most notably: the sound. Installing a new set of exhaust tips will make your car produce a stronger, more powerful sound.

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    Does dual exhaust tip change sound?

    The shape and width of the exhaust tip can slightly change the sound to be either more throaty (larger tips) or raspy (smaller tips). Double-walled muffler tips tend to add a full-bodied sound. On their own, though, muffler tips will have a minimal effect on exhaust sound.

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    Do exhaust tips affect exhaust sound?

    Exhaust tips, since they are literally at the tailend of the exhaust system, will make a car have a more powerful sound. But a normal tip typically will have a small effect on the exhaust sound. A larger tip will give the engine a stronger, hearty sound, while a small tip will produce a raspy sound.

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    Does dual exhaust use more gas?

    So,in essence,duals will be louder than a single,because you are splitting up the pressure into two pipes. This is the reason auto manufacturers use single exhaust on 90% of the cars out there. One way to help quiet down a dual system is with an “H” pipe.

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    What makes exhaust raspy?

    This raspy sounding exhaust noise can be due to a couple different things: a leak in the exhaust system, rattling exhaust pipes, or ill-tuned muffler placement. Luckily, installing an exhaust resonator can assist in reducing the rasp.

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    How can I make my exhaust sound deeper?

    A cold air intake is one of the best options for getting a resonant, deep-sounding exhaust note from your vehicle. When you rev your engine and finally release the throttle, you’ll hear the sound of air flowing through your intake and changing the notes of your engine to a louder, more aggressive sound.

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    Can exhaust tip make car louder?

    Do Exhaust Tips Make Your Car Louder? For the most part, the answer is no. The primary reason drivers install a set of exhaust tips is for the enhanced appearance the tips provide?not to make their vehicle louder. The primary reason drivers install a set of exhaust tips is for the enhanced appearance the tips provide.

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    Does a bigger exhaust pipe make it louder?

    It will probably get deeper witht he bigger pipe… if you use a smaller pipe it will be more high pitched. The “Loudness” is controlled by the muffler.

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    Does drilling holes in exhaust make it louder?

    Drilling holes in the muffler increases the exhaust flow making the car sound louder as the exhaust gases will escape before being thoroughly dampened by the muffler. It’s essential to use a drill bit capable of drilling through metal.

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    What exhaust makes the car louder?

    You can increase the exhaust sound by drilling holes in it or by taking off the muffler. You can also remove the catalytic converter or install a cat-back exhaust. Consider putting on a performance muffler, cold air intake, turbocharger, straight pipe exhaust, or aftermarket exhaust if you have the money.

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    Does a loud exhaust use more fuel?

    While mufflers do not change the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes, mufflers affect gas mileage because they can improve the vehicle’s fuel economy.

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    What makes an exhaust crackle?

    What causes a car to pop and bang? ?Pops and bangs? are created by unburned fuel in the exhaust system. When excess fuel enters the exhaust system it increases in temperature and ignites inside the exhaust instead of the combustion chamber. The noise can be exaggerated by fitting a decat or full decat exhaust system.

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