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Marijuana Cabinet: 10 Best Marijuana Grow Cabinet in 2021

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    What is the biggest concern of growers when it comes to grow marijuana indoor? It is not an easy task to control the growth environment. You will have to completely monitor the light, temperature, humidity and some other factors. This is where the marijuana cabinet comes to handle.

    The best marijuana cabinet is the enclosure that gives you the better potential opportunity of having a successful harvest, big yields with less effort. Additionally, growing marijuana in the cabinet also helps reduce odor. From premium, automated unit to affordable, basic one; you will be able to choose the perfect marijuana cabinet for your needs after goring through this review.

    Top 10 Marijuana Cabinet 2021

    #1 SuperCloset SuperTrinity Smart Grow Closet System

    The SuperCloset Trinity Grow Cabinet is a twin cabinet system with three chambers. With these three chambers, you can grow plants at different stages like vagetative, blooming, and cloning at the same time, it is ideal for never-ending growing cycle. I also love its dimensions of 92”W x 24” D x 78”T. It is relatively large, which will ensure high yield.

    Each chamber of this box has a capacity of 12 plants. The device is fully automated and equipped with 3W grow lights, allowing the plants to grow more quickly. It is also very quiet, and lockable for private and discreet. This is not the cheap grow box but you will get every equipment you need when buying this.

    #2 VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

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    If a cutomated grow box breaks your bank and you need something much cheaper but still durable and well-build, then a popular, good reputation brand like VIVOSUN is great to go for. You will love this simple grow tent as it creates a good balance between capacity and size. This tent available in 5 different sizes, which allows you to choose the one that fit perfectly in your space, while it also allows you to grow a lot of plants.

    It is made from 98%-reflective Mylar & tear-proof and double-stitched 600D mylar. Although it is very cheap, you will have to buy many equipment to build the grow room.

    #3 MARS HYDRO Grow Tent Kit Complete

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    This is a complete grow kit that offers everything you need and already to be used, but still affordable. It is only one size available is 24″ x 24″ x 55″. This tent has a lot of features and very reliable as it comes with 30 days money back guarantee. One more attractive features is that while most regular grow tents out there are made of 600D material, this one from Mars Hydro is made from highly strong 1680D mylar fabric. This kit also includes TS1000W LED Grow Light, quite inline fan, timer, hygrometer & thermometer, and some others handy accessories.

    #4 Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box

    As the name suggests, this is the premium unit, which can do all your works with high technology functions. The only drawback of this grow box is it is relatively expensive. This all-in-one grow cabinets offers ability of completely control the grow condition. All you have to do is provide fertilizers and water, put the seeds and then press the linked app’s button.

    This grow cabinet will check the growth condition with a variety of sensors and modify the water and fertilizer schedule automatically.

    After putting seeds into the growth medium, the smart app the customized growth schedule for that specific seed. You\’ll get instructions at various stages of the plant\’s development. All the odor of marijuana will be efficiently eliminated by the carbon filters. The LED lighting system can be adjusted and simulates the natural sunlight. However, it is quiet small and only suitable for personal uses.

    #5 Vanerdun Plant Growing Tent for Indoor Hydroponic Growing System

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    The Vanerdun grow tent is another simple tent for growing marijuana indoor with affordable price. It is made of 98% highly reflective mylar liner that not only prevent light escaping but also support the lighting system, increasing efficiency of lighting system and providing excellent indoor growth conditions. The outer layer of the tent is sturdy 600D fabric is rip resistant and double stitched.

    You can expect that this tent will last for so long thanks to its 0.8mm thick metal poles. You can easy check your plants inside the tent without open the door through the observation window.

    #6 TnTants Grow Tent Kit

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    As a marijuana grower, I perfect to use grow tent kit as it includes everything I need to get started, I just have to pay a little care for my plants, but it is not as expensive as the automated grow box. This grow cabinet includes 24 x 24 x 55 inches tent, 4″ inline duct fan, carbon filter, digital thermometer, 4 5-gallon grow bags, bottom tray, duct clamps, and adjust rope hangers.

    For every new grower, there is nothing better than finding the complete kit that is already to use right away, easy to assemble, with reasonable price like this one from TnTants. The lighting system is 240pcs Full Spectrum LED bubbles, which is not only powerful but also very energy-efficient. You also do not need to worry about odor thanks to long-fiber-carbon filter and powerful blower fan.

    #7 AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 632 Advance Grow Tent

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    This is an extremely durable grow tent that is made of sturdy steel poles frame that can support 2x the weight of normal grow tents. The tent materials higher density 2000D canvas, which will prevent light leaking, while the inside layer of the tent is highly reflectivity diamond mylar. AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 632 Advance Grow Tent will creates ideal climatic conditions for indoor growth all year around. It is 36” x 20” x 62” and can hold up to 2 plants. The tent comes with a floor tray and a tool bag.