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Diet Requirement Of Juvenile Bearded Dragon

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In the conviction that getting started with a bearded dragon will require some research about them. Bearded dragons will need to be offered different diets at different stages of their life.

In this post, we are going to discuss juvenile bearded dragon food, feeding schedule and some other things about their diet.

How often do juvenile bearded dragons eat?

A bearded dragon is considered as a juvenile when it is between 5 to 18 months old. Once your bearded dragons reach the juvenile stage of life, they should be fed less frequently than when they are younger.

Because at that time, juvenile bearded dragon will slow down their growth speed and start reserve fat.

If you still feed a juvenile bearded dragon with the same rate as a baby, this may cause the risk of obesity and health problem for it. It is ideal to feed them. Typically, a juvenile bearded dragon should be fed about twice or three times per day.

Note: You should never place bearded dragons directly on the substrate. Even the best substrate for bearded dragons is also not the ideal place to put food, put these foods in a food dish instead.

What is juvenile bearded dragons diet?

The diet of juvenile bearded dragons is quite different from the baby diet. The ratio of insects to plants also changes as well. It is recommended to feed a juvenile a diet is 50% insects and 50% plants, vegetables and fruit.

You should offer them only plants in the morning and only insects for the afternoon. Because if you provide them both plants and insect food at the same time, your bearded dragons may eat only insects and ignore their vegetables.

Live insect for juvenile bearded dragon

Juvenile bearded dragons can be allowed to eat some insects that avoided to feed for the babies such as mealworms, but only offer them mealworms for once time per week as treat. You can also provide larger insects for them. However, do not feed them any insects that larger than their head.

From 5 to 18 months olds, bearded dragons can eat 10-15 dubia roaches and about 20-40 appropriately sized crickets per day.