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Digital Soil pH Meter Reviews: Top 10 Digital Meters 2021

    New gardeners are usually get excited and enthusiastic about making their grand plant for the first garden. However, one of the most important task before getting started the new season that most beginners often looks over is checking the pH level of the garden soil. Being grown in unbalanced pH, poor soil may lead to dead plants or failure harvest.
    Fortunately, because of the advancements in technology and innovation that have occurred over time, gardening has become much easier for growers. Instead of sending soil sample to laboratory to evaluate the soil’s condition, now grower can use the digital soil pH meter to measures the soil’s parameter at home with accurate result. This Digital Soil pH Meter Reviews can helps every grower promote healthy farming.

    Top 10 Digital Meters 2021

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    #1 Luster Leaf 1845, Digital Soil Ph Meter

    Luster Leaf 1845, Digital Soil Ph Meter is the accurate and inexpensive soil pH meter to get if you want to receive reliable data about your soil’s state. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor garden. Furthermore, because it is very portable and compact, it may be used both at home garden or large-scale farm.
    The pH range that this meter can measure is from 3.5 to 9.0. It features A waterproof metallic electrode with the instrument, which precisely tests the pH of your soil. It also comes with a list of many plant’s pH preference.
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    #2 Esimen Upgraded 4-in-1 Soil PH Meter

    If you want to take care of your plants with all the aspects, instead of buying a lot of equipment, you can get this 4-in-1 soil pH meter form Esimen. The device is a popular choice for checking PH levels in the yard, lawns, as well as indoor plants. It also has a bigger backlit LCD panel that very easy to read and allows you to see even in dark place.
    It’s also made of high-quality materials that will last for a long time. Because of the probe and 2021 Upgraded needle detection technology, it’s ideal for providing more accurate result within a few second. It’s a 4-in-1 device that can be used to measure light, pH, moisture, and sunlight level.
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    #3 Luster Leaf 1847 Digital PLUS Soil pH Meter

    This is a wonderful soil PH meter if you are looking for effective and precise device. An electronic plant database is pre-installed in this pH meter, that you can use to create your favorite lists. I love its lightweight, compact and portable design, what make it suitable for performance in a variety of setting like backyard garden, potted plants, indoor plants. Despite its high-quality features, this product is simple and affordable, so it will last a long time and therefore an ideal choice for beginner that you should not pass up.
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    #4 Jhua Soil Tester 5 in 1 Digital Meter

    It is so great to get a pH meter but can be used for 5 functions. This digital meter from Jhua can provides reading measurements of sunlight intensity, soil moisture, temperature, environment humidity and pH level. With a big LCD screen, the soil tester can readily display a range all these parameter at the same time but still easy to read. No matter what time of day or night, the backlight LCD screen makes it simpler to read.
    The meter is upgraded with premium detection technology, which greatly improves the speed and accuracy level. It will tell you when you should water your plants or adjust the soil for optimal pH level. Especially, it only takes about 3 second after be inserted into the soil to show the result. Additionally, the Jhua meter also features automatic off functions, which will automatically turn off the device after 5 minutes not being used.

    #5 RoofWorld Soil PH Meter, 4-in-1 Soil Tester

    One more 4-in-1 soip pH meter. The meter can provide you the reading result of 4 soil values are PH, moisture, temperature, and sunlight intensity. It is powered by battery and it also includes 4 AAA 1.5 batteries in the pack.
    The improved needle detection technology introduced in 2021 are added in this device to significantly improves the speed and accuracy of the test. Like other digital meter, this one is also designed with large LCD screen with green backlight makes it possible to read the parameter in low light place.
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    #6 MASiKEN 5-in-1 Soil Moisture Meter

    It is a little bit more expensive than other options on this list, but since it is 5-in-1 device, it can handle 5 functions so you will get the product that worth the value. This soil meter is not only measure pH but also temperature, sunlight, moisture and ambient humidity. The big LCD screen will display various values with green lighting allows you to read even in low-light conditions.
    If you not use it for 5 minutes, the automatic shutdown function can helps save power. The new chip eliminates the issue of previous versions’ readings being inaccurate. The meter also can measure temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit depends on your need. However, it does not include batteries in the package, so before using, make sure you have a 9v battery installed.
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    #7 Gobetter 4-in-1 Soil tester

    Honestly, I do not really like this meter because it quite expensive than a 4-in-1 device. However, after a few weeks of using, I realized that this one is very reliable and accurate. I also love its lightweight and compact design as I can carry it around everywhere. This durable, portable pH tester con be used in the garden, farm, potted plants, succulents, and other similar environments thanks to the improved 7.1” long probe design. Gobetter provide 1 month guarantee and 18 months technical support for this product.