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What should you do when breeding bearded dragons?

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Bearded dragons are kept as pets can be bred all year round so you can breed them at any time of the year you want. Breeding bearded dragon requires your care, your time, your money and also preparation. So if you are intelligent breeders, you should widen your knowledge about this process to ensure it will be a success and your female dragon always healthy.

What age can bearded dragons breed?

Ideally, the time for breeding bearded dragon is after they turn to 18 months old. However, if you keep a male with a female in the same tank, they can breed sooner. Bearded dragon has its ability to breed from as young as 8 months. 

In some cases, the size of the bearded dragons seems to be more important than their age. But if the female dragons trying to lay eggs after she is completely grown, this is can lead to some risk for her.

Nesting behavior of bearded dragons

When a female ready to lay eggs, she prefers to spend more time sleeping under the heater, she seems to be lethargic, slowly. About 4-6 weeks since she successful mating, her abdominal bloating and get ready to lay eggs. In fact, you can see the eggs are visible from the outside and you can feel them if touching.

After 3 weeks, she starts to burrow in the cage, when it happened, you should provide her a convenient area to nesting. Prepare a plastic tub or container that includes a secure lid, this container should be large about 8-10 gallon capacity.  Fill the best tanks bearded dragons with at least 8 inches of moist, sandy soil.

This mixture will be a good condition for her nesting behavior. Put her in this container and let her dig a burrow and lay eggs within a few hours.

If she does not lay eggs for a few hours in the container, you should place her back in her cage and repeat this process in the following day. Normally, female dragons will lay eggs in the afternoon or early evening, you should place her inlay chamber in this time of the day. The ideal temperature that you should maintain for the lay chamber is about 80 F degrees. Using the best reptile incubator to take easy care for these eggs.