Best Bedding For Guinea Pig Odor Control: Carefresh VS. Kaytee bedding

Guinea pigs spend most of their time in the cage. They require an excellent bedding material that is not only soft, cozy but also good absorbent and odor control.

If you are looking for the bedding that good for odor control then you should choose the good absorbent material.

This post is about 2 products that have been knowing as best bedding for guinea pig odor control:  Carefresh Complete Small Pet Bedding VS. Kaytee Soft Granule Blend Small Animal Bedding.

#1 Overall

Carefresh is confetti paper bedding; this bedding can be the best option for the owners who are looking for the comfortable and softy material to fill the guinea pig cage.

This guinea pig bedding ideas for both indoor and outdoor guinea pig beds. This paper bedding is made from recycled paper, which is environment friendly. Due to this, you can rest your mind that this bedding is totally non-toxic even if your pets ingest it. Besides, it has the ability to biodegradable.

Kaytee is made from reclaimed wood fibers, this material also friendly with the environment again. This bedding can expand about 3x its size in the package for maximum value.

#2 Odor control

The most important factor that you looking for is the odor control ability, then don’t worry because these two products are excellent at this job.

Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding is considered as the best bedding for guinea pig odor control since it can remain fresh for ten days straight without any cleaning. It is also twice as absorbent as wood shavings.

Kaytee bedding is 20% more absorbent. It can hold liquid for up to 4 times its weigh. Moreover, Kaytee comes with a pleasant scent of lavender, which helps to remove any bad odor. However, sometimes this fragrance of lavender may be too strong for some guinea pigs.

#3 Maintenance

Carefresh is made of organic and natural wood fibers, so it is sustainable and long-lasting, resulting in less frequent changes in bedding.  Paper bedding is not expensive to buy, but normally it will require keeping on change and refill.

However, you can spot clean it, just removing the soiled part and leave the rest will much save the cost.

Kaytee bedding made of white paper, its color helps you easy to find any dirty part and cleaning. However, due to its white color, the cage will become very messy if you do not clean it regularly.

Diet Requirement Of Juvenile Bearded Dragon

In the conviction that getting started with a bearded dragon will require some research about them. Bearded dragons will need to be offered different diets at different stages of their life.

In this post, we are going to discuss juvenile bearded dragon food, feeding schedule and some other things about their diet.

How often do juvenile bearded dragons eat?

A bearded dragon is considered as a juvenile when it is between 5 to 18 months old. Once your bearded dragons reach the juvenile stage of life, they should be fed less frequently than when they are younger.

Because at that time, juvenile bearded dragon will slow down their growth speed and start reserve fat.

If you still feed a juvenile bearded dragon with the same rate as a baby, this may cause the risk of obesity and health problem for it. It is ideal to feed them. Typically, a juvenile bearded dragon should be fed about twice or three times per day.

Note: You should never place bearded dragons directly on the substrate. Even the best substrate for bearded dragons is also not the ideal place to put food, put these foods in a food dish instead.

What is juvenile bearded dragons diet?

The diet of juvenile bearded dragons is quite different from the baby diet. The ratio of insects to plants also changes as well. It is recommended to feed a juvenile a diet is 50% insects and 50% plants, vegetables and fruit.

You should offer them only plants in the morning and only insects for the afternoon. Because if you provide them both plants and insect food at the same time, your bearded dragons may eat only insects and ignore their vegetables.

Live insect for juvenile bearded dragon

Juvenile bearded dragons can be allowed to eat some insects that avoided to feed for the babies such as mealworms, but only offer them mealworms for once time per week as treat. You can also provide larger insects for them. However, do not feed them any insects that larger than their head.

From 5 to 18 months olds, bearded dragons can eat 10-15 dubia roaches and about 20-40 appropriately sized crickets per day.

What should you do when breeding bearded dragons?

Bearded dragons are kept as pets can be bred all year round so you can breed them at any time of the year you want. Breeding bearded dragon requires your care, your time, your money and also preparation. So if you are intelligent breeders, you should widen your knowledge about this process to ensure it will be a success and your female dragon always healthy.

What age can bearded dragons breed?

Ideally, the time for breeding bearded dragon is after they turn to 18 months old. However, if you keep a male with a female in the same tank, they can breed sooner. Bearded dragon has its ability to breed from as young as 8 months. 

In some cases, the size of the bearded dragons seems to be more important than their age. But if the female dragons trying to lay eggs after she is completely grown, this is can lead to some risk for her.

Nesting behavior of bearded dragons

When a female ready to lay eggs, she prefers to spend more time sleeping under the heater, she seems to be lethargic, slowly. About 4-6 weeks since she successful mating, her abdominal bloating and get ready to lay eggs. In fact, you can see the eggs are visible from the outside and you can feel them if touching.

After 3 weeks, she starts to burrow in the cage, when it happened, you should provide her a convenient area to nesting. Prepare a plastic tub or container that includes a secure lid, this container should be large about 8-10 gallon capacity.  Fill the best tanks bearded dragons with at least 8 inches of moist, sandy soil.

This mixture will be a good condition for her nesting behavior. Put her in this container and let her dig a burrow and lay eggs within a few hours.

If she does not lay eggs for a few hours in the container, you should place her back in her cage and repeat this process in the following day. Normally, female dragons will lay eggs in the afternoon or early evening, you should place her inlay chamber in this time of the day. The ideal temperature that you should maintain for the lay chamber is about 80 F degrees. Using the best reptile incubator to take easy care for these eggs.

Best Autoflower Seed Bank

What are the things people interested in autoflower seeds want? Probably the quality of the plant, growing speed and price. There are several ways to purchase autoflower seeds, but it is important to make sure that they offer the three features mentioned before.

So, with this in mind, what is the best autoflower seed bank? Some seed banks outstand for different reasons, but here you have the best overall seed bank.

#1 Seedsman

Considered the best due to a large strain collection to choose, a number of 704 different strains. It offers worldwide shipping and highly rated by users on the quality of the seed; payment; shipping and discretion.

Located in Barcelona, Spain, Seedsman was founded in 2003 and it is the number one choice for many online users. Also, it is one of the few seeds banks that ship to the United States which makes it the top choice for Americans.

#2 Price

According to price and payment, it offers surprising low prices when you compare it with other seed banks online, featuring trustworthy high-quality breeders. Furthermore, the payment method is something else that makes it the best autoflower seed bank. It uses all these payment methods: credit and debit card, bitcoin, cash, bank wire, cheque, pot money, and money order.

In addition, they offer very attractive promotions that can reduce significantly your order cost.

#3 Weak spot

But not everything is perfect. Since it is a large business, customer service is something that it can improve. Despite this, it usually answers with an e-mail within 24 hours if you get automated service.

In conclusion, as it happens with many other things when we search for a product, we finally end up back searching on our first pick. So if you want to get the best seed bank, Seedsman is probably the best choice for you.

How to choose best flat bottom carbon steel wok?

A wok is one of the most multifunctional kitchen utensils you may know. It can be fried, steamed and deep-fried with the least amount of oil possible.

This is a kitchen appliance that is popularly known for making Chinese dishes. And sure enough, you can invest in a wok to make Chinese and other dishes.

Currently, a carbon steel wok is gradually becoming a popular choice because it can spread heat evenly and extremely durable.

However, how do you choose a best flat bottom carbon steel wok without much experience?

Don’t worry, refer to some of the criteria we have summarized below:

#1 Size

Size is one of the characteristics that you should consider before buying a wok. The size of wok depends on the frequency of use, personal preferences and the type of food you can make with wok.

If you use wok for commercial kitchens, a large wok is a good choice. If you’re using a home kitchen, a small or medium-sized wok is a good choice.

#2 Non-stick

The non-stick layer is one of the factors that helps food not stick on the wok. You should choose a wok with non-stick layer to make your cooking easier.

#3 Handle

The handle of the wok is a part that you can easily adjust when cooking and is the part that keeps your hands from burns. Therefore, it should be firmly fixed with wok so as not to cause any accident.

Nowadays wok has improved the handle compared to traditional Chinese wok. It is designed with a longer handle, making it shaped like a pan.

You should choose the solid handle, which comes with a small handle on the opposite side to be easily moved.

#4 Lid

A wok with lid will make your cooking process a lot easier. There are many dishes that need to be cooked under low heat and need the help of a lid.

Therefore, you should choose woks with lid to optimize the function of this kitchen appliance.

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How to Use Peppermint Oil

These days, more and more people are recognizing the benefits of alternative medicines. Peppermint oil is one such growing trend but what is peppermint oil, what is peppermint oil good for, and how much peppermint oil is too much? Read on, for a crash course in what peppermint oil has to offer.

What is peppermint oil?

Peppermint oil is a cross between spearmint and water mint. Simply put, peppermint oil is the extracted nutrients and fluids of the peppermint plant. It is often used as a flavoring in food and drinks but also has a range of medicinal benefits from aiding a sore throat to easing indigestion and even having benefits for things like irritable bowel syndrome. Some people also find it helps ease headaches and sore skin although more studies are needed to understand this better.

How can I use peppermint oil?

So how do you use peppermint oil to reap the rewards? Here, we outline 5 ways to use peppermint oil.

#1 To ease a sore throat

Peppermint oil can be gargled with hot water to ease a sore throat but don’t swallow the mix of 3 drops and 1/2 a cup of water. Rubbing it onto the affected area can also be beneficial.

#2 To clear congestion

For respiratory relief, you can rub it into your palms and deeply inhale. For a more intense method of decongestion add 5-7 drops to a bowl of steaming water. Breathe in over the bowl with your head covered by a towel to maximize the effect.

#3 For indigestion

Adding a drop or two to your favorite hot drink can help ease indigestion or the effects of irritable bowel syndrome.

#4 For dry skin

Some people find peppermint oil mixed with water can be applied to cracked or dry skin to relieve irritation.

#5 To soothe a headache

You can help ease a headache by rubbing peppermint oil into your temples gently. Be careful to keep it away from the eye.

How to use peppermint essential oil for hair

Peppermint oil can promote hair growth and improve thickness and volume. One cause of this is driven more the cold tingling feel you sometimes get with menthol and mint products. This effect actually draws blood to the area, helping to promote follicle growth. Just mix 2-3 drops of your favorite peppermint essential oil into enough olive or coconut oil to cover your hair. Once mixed together, apply this to your hair and massage the scalp as you would with shampoo. Give it at least 5 minutes before washing out for better effects.

How much peppermint oil is toxic?

As mentioned above, when using peppermint oil to gargle, it is best not to swallow the mixture as too much can potentially be toxic and even fatal. However, small amounts can be beneficial for certain conditions, such as IBS. Adults should take no more than 0.2-0.4 mL of peppermint oil 3 times a day. For children or anybody weighing less than 45 kilograms, no more than 0.1 mL should be ingested 3 times daily.

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How to Prepare Healthy Meals

When it comes to eating healthily it isn’t as hard as you might think. With a few small changes and a fresh outlook on cooking, you can prepare healthy meals that not only taste good but are beneficial for your health and well-being also. In this post, we take you through some top tips on how to prepare healthy meals as well as giving some ideas for that most important meal of the day – breakfast.

How to make your meals healthier

Eating healthy foods certainly does not mean sacrificing on the flavor, in fact, you may find that when you start to cook healthy food your meals actually taste even better! Through following these health-boosting tips this is a great place to start.

#1 Be creative with your proteins

Eating healthily doesn’t mean cutting out meat from your diet, rather think about introducing some different proteins as an alternative to meat to give you a more balanced diet. Vegetarian proteins such as tofu, chickpeas, lentils, etc. make for some delicious and filling alternatives.

#2 Keep the salt down low

Being mindful of the salt you use to flavor your meals is important when it comes to preparing healthy meals. Alternatives to salt such as spices, herbs, pepper, and even lemon juice can be used if a recipe indicates that a hefty quantity of salt is required.

#3 Look for whole-grain alternatives

If you love pasta and bread a good way of making these choices a little healthier is by choosing wholemeal versions instead. Look out for things like brown rice also and other whole-grain foods such as quinoa, oats, barley, and millet which can make nice side dishes or accompaniments to soups, stews, and salads.

#4 Make it yourself

One of the key ways of eating healthy food is to prepare your meals yourself. This way you know exactly what is going in them. Of course, this isn’t possible for everyone, but making a food plan when you have the time and even pre-preparing food and popping it in the freezer is a great way to have healthy food to hand when you’re busy. Here are some ideas on how to prepare healthy meals.

Maybe this makes you more interested: Best Commercial Food Storage Containers.

How to make a healthy breakfast smoothie

Having a smoothie for breakfast is a quick and healthy way to start the day. If you’ve ever wondered ‘how much is a smoothie?’ then wonder no more as we show you a way of making a cheap yet healthy breakfast smoothie yourself.

Blueberry & Kale Breakfast Smoothie

Ingredients: Blueberries, Kale, Almond Milk, Honey

Blueberries are an excellent antioxidant and are also high in fiber and Vitamin C. Paired with iron packed kale this is sure to give you the health boost you need when you wake up. The only preparation needed for this breakfast smoothie is to tear the kale leaves from their tough stalks. Once this is done throw all of the ingredients into the blender and blitz it. If you prefer a slightly creamier breakfast smoothie try adding your yogurt of choice rather than the almond milk. And if you want to reduce the sweetness you can leave out the honey. All that is left to do is drink it!

With a few adjustments to how you cook and eat it can be easy to prepare healthy meals for you and all of your family.

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What’s your occasion?

From chef stations to grand buffets, multi-course meals to passed apps, the possibilities for your event are limitless. Spice of Life Catering Co. will customize your menu to the season and occasion using ingredients from small family farms in our region. If planned far enough in advance, foods can be grown exclusively for your event, featuring menu items that are truly one of a kind.

WeddingsWeddings Business Events Plated Landscapes



Plated LandscapesWe invite you to enjoy an evening of fine dining in the fields at our Plated Landscape Dinners, Northeast Ohio’s first and finest farm-to-table dining experience. Imagine linen-draped tables among forests overlooking the sunset. Five-courses, expertly paired with wines, featuring ingredients that you may have picked yourself.

With this exclusive traveling restaurant concept, our incredible chefs are given full creative license with the best ingredients each farm has to offer.

Seats are $150/each ($125 for F&B professionals), which include a multi-course, wine-paired menu featuring foods that you just might pick yourself.

The 2016 dinner schedule will be released to our mailing list on the first day of Spring! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter for advance reservations.



Spice up your next meeting, retreat or holiday celebration with the creative presentation and professional delivery, customized to your location and theme. From corporate boxed meals, hot buffets and plated meals – it’s one investment that guarantees great returns.

Locally farmed & thoughtfully boxed.

From our farm to your office – Spice of Life Catering now offers a fresh box alternative for the corporate lunch crowd! Check out our menus below to order for your next company lunch meeting or event.



Need a place to gather? Use the Private Dining Room at Spice Kitchen + Bar for your next meeting or event! For more details on using the Spice Kitchen + Bar Private Dining Room, please contact Sarah at [email protected]