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Best Bedding For Guinea Pig Odor Control: Carefresh VS. Kaytee bedding

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Guinea pigs spend most of their time in the cage. They require an excellent bedding material that is not only soft, cozy but also good absorbent and odor control.

If you are looking for the bedding that good for odor control then you should choose the good absorbent material.

This post is about 2 products that have been knowing as best bedding for guinea pig odor control:  Carefresh Complete Small Pet Bedding VS. Kaytee Soft Granule Blend Small Animal Bedding.

#1 Overall

Carefresh is confetti paper bedding; this bedding can be the best option for the owners who are looking for the comfortable and softy material to fill the guinea pig cage.

This guinea pig bedding ideas for both indoor and outdoor guinea pig beds. This paper bedding is made from recycled paper, which is environment friendly. Due to this, you can rest your mind that this bedding is totally non-toxic even if your pets ingest it. Besides, it has the ability to biodegradable.

Kaytee is made from reclaimed wood fibers, this material also friendly with the environment again. This bedding can expand about 3x its size in the package for maximum value.

#2 Odor control

The most important factor that you looking for is the odor control ability, then don’t worry because these two products are excellent at this job.

Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding is considered as the best bedding for guinea pig odor control since it can remain fresh for ten days straight without any cleaning. It is also twice as absorbent as wood shavings.

Kaytee bedding is 20% more absorbent. It can hold liquid for up to 4 times its weigh. Moreover, Kaytee comes with a pleasant scent of lavender, which helps to remove any bad odor. However, sometimes this fragrance of lavender may be too strong for some guinea pigs.

#3 Maintenance

Carefresh is made of organic and natural wood fibers, so it is sustainable and long-lasting, resulting in less frequent changes in bedding.  Paper bedding is not expensive to buy, but normally it will require keeping on change and refill.

However, you can spot clean it, just removing the soiled part and leave the rest will much save the cost.

Kaytee bedding made of white paper, its color helps you easy to find any dirty part and cleaning. However, due to its white color, the cage will become very messy if you do not clean it regularly.