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Best Autoflower Seed Bank

    What are the things people interested in autoflower seeds want? Probably the quality of the plant, growing speed and price. There are several ways to purchase autoflower seeds, but it is important to make sure that they offer the three features mentioned before.

    So, with this in mind, what is the best autoflower seed bank? Some seed banks outstand for different reasons, but here you have the best overall seed bank.

    #1 Seedsman

    Considered the best due to a large strain collection to choose, a number of 704 different strains. It offers worldwide shipping and highly rated by users on the quality of the seed; payment; shipping and discretion.

    Located in Barcelona, Spain, Seedsman was founded in 2003 and it is the number one choice for many online users. Also, it is one of the few seeds banks that ship to the United States which makes it the top choice for Americans.

    #2 Price

    According to price and payment, it offers surprising low prices when you compare it with other seed banks online, featuring trustworthy high-quality breeders. Furthermore, the payment method is something else that makes it the best autoflower seed bank. It uses all these payment methods: credit and debit card, bitcoin, cash, bank wire, cheque, pot money, and money order.

    In addition, they offer very attractive promotions that can reduce significantly your order cost.

    #3 Weak spot

    But not everything is perfect. Since it is a large business, customer service is something that it can improve. Despite this, it usually answers with an e-mail within 24 hours if you get automated service.

    In conclusion, as it happens with many other things when we search for a product, we finally end up back searching on our first pick. So if you want to get the best seed bank, Seedsman is probably the best choice for you.