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About Me

    I’m mom to a pre-teen and two furbabies, and a native New Mexican recently transplanted to the Pacific Northwest. I spend most of my free time in the kitchen or the craft room or outside with camera in hand. I’m fueled by coffee and waffles.

    I run the Facebook group, “I’m Not a Mommy Blogger,” for bloggers to connect with others who don’t focus solely on children and kid-related activities. My other blog, All the V’s, focuses on life in general and is where I let my inner sarcastic nerd run free.

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    • Kelly

      Hi Janus, I tried to leave a comment on your DIY Hobby Lobby Inspired Artwork but kept getting a 404 page error. Here is my comment

      I adore this craft! I can’t believe I had a wavy ruler in my throw out pile. I have now removed it and will be using it to make something similar to your artwork. Great job! This post will be featured as my pick this week for the #mum-bomonday & #nannaswisdom link up party. Thanks so much for linking up and we hope to see you again!

      • Steph

        I’ll check my comment settings, something is probably screwy with it. Thanks for letting me know and thank you so much for the feature!