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Marijuana Cabinet: 10 Best Marijuana Grow Cabinet in 2021

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What is the biggest concern of growers when it comes to grow marijuana indoor? It is not an easy task to control the growth environment. You will have to completely monitor the light, temperature, humidity and some other factors. This is where the marijuana cabinet comes to handle. The best marijuana cabinet is the enclosure that gives you the better potential opportunity of having a successful harvest, big yields with less effort. Additionally, growing marijuana in the cabinet also helps reduce odor. From premium, automated unit to affordable, basic one; you will be able to choose the perfect marijuana cabinet for your needs after goring through this review.

Top 10 Marijuana Cabinet 2021

#1 SuperCloset SuperTrinity Smart Grow Closet System

The SuperCloset Trinity Grow Cabinet is a twin cabinet system with three chambers. With these three chambers, you can grow plants at different stages like vagetative, blooming, and cloning at the same time, it is ideal for never-ending growing cycle. I also love its dimensions of 92”W x 24” D x 78”T. It is relatively large, which will ensure high yield. Each chamber of this box has a capacity of 12 plants. The device is fully automated and equipped with 3W grow lights, allowing the plants to grow more quickly. It is also very quiet, and lockable for private and discreet. This is not the cheap grow box but you will get every equipment you need when buying this.

#2 VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Amazon best-selling product B07VRSCVVC CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE If a cutomated grow box breaks your bank and you need something much cheaper but still durable and well-build, then a popular, good reputation brand like VIVOSUN is great to go for. You will love this simple grow tent as it creates a good balance between capacity and size. This tent available in 5 different sizes, which allows you to choose the one that fit perfectly in your space, while it also allows you to grow a lot of plants. It is made from 98%-reflective Mylar & tear-proof and double-stitched 600D mylar. Although it is very cheap, you will have to buy many equipment to build the grow room.

#3 MARS HYDRO Grow Tent Kit Complete

Amazon best-selling product B088T8S36S CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE This is a complete grow kit that offers everything you need and already to be used, but still affordable. It is only one size available is 24" x 24" x 55". This tent has a lot of features and very reliable as it comes with 30 days money back guarantee. One more attractive features is that while most regular grow tents out there are made of 600D material, this one from Mars Hydro is made from highly strong 1680D mylar fabric. This kit also includes TS1000W LED Grow Light, quite inline fan, timer, hygrometer & thermometer, and some others handy accessories.

#4 Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box

As the name suggests, this is the premium unit, which can do all your works with high technology functions. The only drawback of this grow box is it is relatively expensive. This all-in-one grow cabinets offers ability of completely control the grow condition. All you have to do is provide fertilizers and water, put the seeds and then press the linked app’s button. This grow cabinet will check the growth condition with a variety of sensors and modify the water and fertilizer schedule automatically. After putting seeds into the growth medium, the smart app the customized growth schedule for that specific seed. You\'ll get instructions at various stages of the plant\'s development. All the odor of marijuana will be efficiently eliminated by the carbon filters. The LED lighting system can be adjusted and simulates the natural sunlight. However, it is quiet small and only suitable for personal uses.

#5 Vanerdun Plant Growing Tent for Indoor Hydroponic Growing System

Amazon best-selling product B07WDJ2LPR CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE The Vanerdun grow tent is another simple tent for growing marijuana indoor with affordable price. It is made of 98% highly reflective mylar liner that not only prevent light escaping but also support the lighting system, increasing efficiency of lighting system and providing excellent indoor growth conditions. The outer layer of the tent is sturdy 600D fabric is rip resistant and double stitched. You can expect that this tent will last for so long thanks to its 0.8mm thick metal poles. You can easy check your plants inside the tent without open the door through the observation window.

#6 TnTants Grow Tent Kit

Amazon best-selling product B094MTQZXY CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE As a marijuana grower, I perfect to use grow tent kit as it includes everything I need to get started, I just have to pay a little care for my plants, but it is not as expensive as the automated grow box. This grow cabinet includes 24 x 24 x 55 inches tent, 4" inline duct fan, carbon filter, digital thermometer, 4 5-gallon grow bags, bottom tray, duct clamps, and adjust rope hangers. For every new grower, there is nothing better than finding the complete kit that is already to use right away, easy to assemble, with reasonable price like this one from TnTants. The lighting system is 240pcs Full Spectrum LED bubbles, which is not only powerful but also very energy-efficient. You also do not need to worry about odor thanks to long-fiber-carbon filter and powerful blower fan.

#7 AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 632 Advance Grow Tent

Amazon best-selling product B08MVF1FYS CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE This is an extremely durable grow tent that is made of sturdy steel poles frame that can support 2x the weight of normal grow tents. The tent materials higher density 2000D canvas, which will prevent light leaking, while the inside layer of the tent is highly reflectivity diamond mylar. AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 632 Advance Grow Tent will creates ideal climatic conditions for indoor growth all year around. It is 36” x 20” x 62” and can hold up to 2 plants. The tent comes with a floor tray and a tool bag.

What are the best Japan Deba fillet knives?

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When It comes to professional fillet knives, no one product these knives better than the Japanese. The best Japanese fillet knife is commonly referred to as “Deba”. This is also the type of knife that I have been use to fillet fish for many years as Deba knives are usually thicker, sharper and stronger than traditional western fish fillet knives. You can visit link for more type of Japanese knives, but for me Deba Japanese fillet knife is perfect for makings ultra-thin slices of fish and filleting whole fish due to its wide and long shape. Under proper maintenance, these knives can make a sharp and perfect tool for cutting fish, vegetable, chicken and meat. Here is the website contains some good content about fillet knife.

#1 Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Deba Knife with NSF Handle

Mercer Culinary Asian Collection Deba Knife is an excellent knife for making paper-thin slices. Due to its 6 inches blade, this knife can fillet most medium size fish, vegetables and meat. It is NSF certified for the blade quality, which will guarantee that the blade achieves all the standards for safety, durability, and performance. You can expect that the blade of Mercer Culinary is reliable enough for both home use and commercial purpose and still offers the great performance. It features the non-slip Santoprene handle, which provide you comfy grip and perfectly balanced. What I like most about this knife is that it is made of premium German steel material. This stainless-steel material makes the knife discoloration, corrosion, and rust resistance. The steel blade allows you to make smoothly cut and easily through a variety of meat types. However, the only drawback here is that this knife requires a little maintenance as it is not dishwasher friendly

#2  Yoshihiro Hongasumi Blue Steel # 2 Deba Fish Fillet Knife

Yoshihiro Hongasumi Blue Steel #2 is a heavy Deba knives. This knife is perfect for remove meat from cartilage and the bones of the fish. However, due to its size, I do not recommend it for cutting the big bones. The blade is designed to filet whole fish. This knife is handcrafted in Japan and made by the traditional Japanese style. The handles is lightweight for easy hold and make the knife handy. The blade is made of Blue Steel #2 with a hardness on the Rockwell scale of 63 to 64. Yoshihiro focus on even smallest details with refined forging and polishing that will satisfied you. This knife Deba is built with the font side is completely flat grind, a concave grind, and the back is a flat rim, all the construction allows you to cut through the food without much damage to the surface where make the cut. There is just a note that since it is made from carbon steel, which can oxidize. So, you will need to pay attention on maintenance the knife, keep the knife always dry or you can apply the oi on it to get better results.

#3 Kai Wasabi Black Deba Knife, 6-Inch

Kai Wasabi Black Deba Knife knives guarantee the durability and sharpness for long times use without need to be replacement or falling apart. The Kai 6715D is designed with razor-sharp edge for the excellent performance. I live its designed with a Japanese single bevel and European shape double-bevel. What I like most about Kai knife is its high quality construction that made of Daido (1K6) high-carbon steel. This type stainless steel is known as its ability of retain sharp edge, sharpened easily, and corrosion resistant. This blade won’t not easy to be discolored or stained even if you use it for some type of food that contain acidic ingredient. The blade is coated with attractive bead-blasted finish. The handle is designed with D-shaped handle with ergonomic technology for easy and convenient holding and a firmly grip. Pakkawood material of the handle is premium high quality material that makes it is impervious to heat and do not be affected by moisture. The handle ensures you have the nice grip and well balance for smoothly and consistent slices. The only drawback here is that this knife is not strong enough to cut through bone.

What are the best hamster water bottle?

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Hamster is an adorable small animal that requires lots of care in the captivity. Water supply is one of the most important aspects when it comes to health and wellbeing of your pet. As the hamster parents, it is your responsibility to ensure your pets can access to water whenever they want. This post is the list of best hamster water bottle that made of safe, quality materials. You’d be surprised to know that even the products that being called high-quality water bottles can have leaking issues. So, keep reading this post on some water bottles that I have been used, anyone of these should more than meet your needs.

#1 Choco Nose H128 No Drip Guinea Pigs Water Bottle

Choco Nose water bottle is designed with no drip technology - U.S patented leak-proof nozzle, which ensure that this bottle is completely leak-proof. But what I impress the most about this product is the 11.2 oz capacity, what is one of the biggest water bottle for hamster available. It will ensure that your hamster get enough water to drink through a day long. It is quite easy to install due tie the screw-on bracket. It features the mini size nozzle is around 10mm in diameter. The Choco Nose bottle offer the reliable price. It is available in 3 different colors that you can choose due to your cage set up.

#2 B.C Pet Small Animals Hamster Hideout Drinking Waterer 2-in-1 Water Bottle

As the name suggested, this is not only a water bottle but also a cozy shelter place for your hamster. So you do not need to mount this bottle on the size of the cage, it can stand alone inside the hamster cage. If you think that it can be easy to tip over, this water bottle features the stand base that is made from plastic and metal. Plus, this base also can be compatible with other water bottle, that means you can use it with the other bottle as well. It is 13cm tall include a stand and having a volume of 80ml, this water bottle is big enough for one or two days for even the thirstiest hamsters. It is also low maintenance as it can be slide in and out for easy cleaning. The bottle Is odor and dust resistant. The nozzle features a premium rolling ball to prevent leaking issues. It is available in four different colors.

#3 Delight eShop 350ml Pet Rat Water Drinking Bottle

Delight Eshop water bottle is what will meet your expectation. It has almost all you need for the best hamster water bottle. The most attractive feature of it is the nozzle. The nozzle is designed with a stainless steel ball at the end of it that will prevent it from leaking. It ensure that the water only run out when the hamster is use it and close of all the times. It has 12 oz water capacity, one of the biggest bottle on the market for who are looking for the large capacity bottle.

#4 RentACoop No Drip Small Animal Water Bottle

The RentACoop Small Animal Water Bottle is guaranteed to be chew proof and no-drip. You do not have to worry about your pet gnawing this bottle to pieces. You can mount this bottle outside of the wired cage. It has the capacity of 32oz and stay leak-proof all day long, due to the capacity, you can rest your mind as your pets ill have enough water to stay hydrated during the day. It features metal bracket allow you to mount it sturdily at the edge of any wire cages. It has flip-cap cover, what makes it super easy to refill. However, the drawback is that it quite difficult to remove from the cage for cleaning.

#5 Living World Eco + Water Bottle

If you are who care about the environment, Living World water bottle is the best option for you. It is made from recycle material. It is extremely durable and safe, free of harmful chemicals. It comes with a double ball bearing and drip-resistant tube, which will prevent it from dripping and leaking. It also features a water level indicator, so you will know exactly the water level of the bottle to refill timely and know the amount of water that you hamster drink per time. There is a spring attachment makes it easy to mount and hang at any side of the wire cage. The different features of it is that it is available in 3 different sizes— 6 ounces, 12 ounces, and 26 ounces. However, it can be a trouble after long time used as the spring holder on the cage may be not sturdy enough.

What are the best coconut fiber bedding for tortoise?

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The best bedding for tortoise play an important role for the health and well-being of your pet. Choosing the right type of bedding will help reduce any concerns that you might have for tortoises. Coconut fiber is the bedding that I have been using for a while now and I would like to recommend. My tortoise seemed to enjoy this bedding the most. This is because coconut fiber is affordable, all natural, soft and comfortable. Not only that, Coconut fiber also does a good job at control odors, retain heat and moisture better than other bedding as well.

#1 Zoo Med Eco Earth Loose Coconut Fiber Substrate

At the top of best coconut fiber bedding is Zoo Med Eco Earth. Zoo Med is a reliable well know brand for producing reptile products. This is an ideal bedding for more natural terrarium as it all natural and has been carefully removed from impurities. It is not only good for tortoise but also other reptiles. It has the texture that soft enough to not hurt your pets and also allow them to burrow down into it. It maintains the good humidity levels for the cage. If you want to increase the humidity levels, you can soak this coconut fiber before placing it to the tank. It is also eco friendly as before be used as a tortoise substrate, it can also be reused in gardens and filling for potted plants.

#2 Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber Bedding Substrate for reptiles, amphibians, or invertebrates

The second option is Reptile Prime Coconut Fiber Bedding. The bedding can be use damp or dry depending on your pet’s requirements. Due to that, it can do the great job for both desert or tropical reptiles. It can be the good option if you want to increase or maintain the humidity levels within the tank as has great capability in retaining humidity. It also has the natural ability of absorbing and breaking down odors, which helps keep your tortoises terrarium is clean and hygienic. Like other coconut fiber bedding, you can recycle it and use for potted plants. #3 SunGrow 1.5 oz. Coconut Fiber, Comfortable Bedding This is completely raw coconut fiber that is sterilized, what make it 100% safe and also edible for your tortoise. Althought this bedding is recommended for Small birds such as finches, canary and budgies for nesting, however you also can use it for tortoise bedding. The drawback is that it not good to retain humidity levels. But it will make the perfect soft and cozy home for your pet. Its texture also allows your pets to burrow deep down to it. It is free of mess and dust fiber, so it doesn’t have many particles, what makes it easier for your to clean the tank.

#4 Hamiledyi Reptile Carpet Natural Coconut Fiber Tortoise Carpet for Terrarium Liner

Unlike the previous products in this list, Hamiledyi Reptile Carpet is the coconut fiber liner. This carpet will create a natural look for the tortoise tank and also healthier for them than most options. The drawback is that this texture does not allow tortoise to burrow but it offer many other benefits for the terrarium. The liner is much easier to clean than normal coconut fiber bedding form. It is also treated with a biodegradable enzyme to reduces odors. You just need to rolls out the plush carpet and cut it to the appreciate size with the tank. What I like about the liner form is that it can be reused. Due to this it is an economic option as you can rinse it with cold tap water and air dry and reuse for multiple times. The coconut fiber carpet holds heat and retain moisture very well. It comes in a pack of two sheets, so you will have the backup carpet when the other one is washed.

#5  POPETPOP Reptile Carpet Coconut Fiber Reptiles Bedding Liner

This is another reptile carpet that measure 23.6" x 15.7" inches but it can be cut to the appreciate size with your tank. This carpet from POPETPOP is made of high quality coconut fiber and natural latex. It has the capacity of strong filterability and dust-free, what make it totally safe for tortoise. Due to the raw material, it is edible and durable to not easy to deform. So you do not need to worry about digestion problem when using it. What I like most about this coconut fiber carpet is its breathability ability, what make it easy to clean as it just need to be washed under the clear water. And then the water easily passes through the coir fiber, so it is very quickly to dry. One more advantage is that it does not allow any bugs are existed on the carpet.

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How to test the accuracy of candy thermometer?

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Over time, your thermometers will lose their accuracy. Even you have the best candy thermometer, the big change that it will be out by a few degrees and make up the difference between great candy and ruined candy. Since accuracy is so important, you will have to test your thermometer periodically to prevents undercooking, burning or scorching. This is not the complicate, difficult task to find out how accurate it really is.

#1 How to check candy thermometer’s accuracy?

In order to check the accuracy of the thermometer, simply bring a pot of water to the boil. Put your candy thermometer into this pot of water. Ensure that it is boiling during the process and bubbles should be constant and vigorous. The boiling point for water is 212 F or 100 C and it will be the baseline for the accuracy of your thermometer. Leave the thermometer in the boiling water for a few minutes to give it time to read the accurate temperature, make sure that the bulb of the thermometer is fully immersed in the water. Preventing the bulb from accidentally touching the bottom of the pot, which will give false readings. After a few minutes, take the thermometer out and check the temperature, making sure that you are eye level with it and not looking from an angle. If the temperature showing is 212 F, your thermometer is accurate.

#2 Tips for using candy thermometer

If your thermometer may be off by a few degrees or more, you will need to add or subtract any difference when determining the end-point of the boil of your sugar slurry. For example, if it registers 210 F and you want to cook your syrup to the 235 F, then you have to subtract 2 F when cooking and cook until it reaches 233 F. Perform the test regularly to ensure your thermometer is still accurate. If you notice that your thermometer regularly showing the drastically different results after the test, it is better to purchase on the new one. Make sure the quantity in the pot great enough to get an accurate reading off the thermometer, the bulb of the thermometer should be fully immersed. Insufficient quantities usually result in over-cooked syrups.

How to properly use best mag fed paintball guns?

The best mag fed paintball guns are not recommended for beginners and are only designed for players who are experienced at the game of paintball. And if you are looking for something more challenging and stimulating in you paintball game, then the best mag fed paintball guns are prefect for you. If you not really know how to properly use and choose the mag fed paintball gun, keep reading our post.

#1 Ensure you carry multiple magazines by your side

The reason that make mag fed paintball gun a popular option for some tournaments. Mag fed paintball markers offer a much more limited ammo capacity than normal paintball guns. Although there is a different in the number of rounds per magazine, these guns can usually hold from seven to thirty rounds individual paintball pods in a magazine. This is why you should ensure you carry multiple magazines on your person while playing. Therefore, your tactical clothing and also your hardness should include a lot of pocket and plenty room to carry as many additional magazines as you possible. However, remember that some tournament games and certain gameplay scenarios may have a rule to limit the number of magazines you can keep on your person at one time.

#2 Dual loading functionality

You should consider to get a mag fed paintball gun that offers dual loading functionality. Unless you have one or more conventional paintball markers in your arsenal, Dual feed unit may not really need. The dual feed guns will support you to load magazine also allow you to use conventional hopper loaders. Gravity-assisted hoppers will come in handle as it allows you carry more paintballs before refeeding. It obvious that dual feed paintball markers are usually more expensive than the stripped-back one, but due to its wider functionality it will worth the price.

#3 Accessories rail

It is always better to get the mag fed markers that come with at least one accessories rail as standard. Normally, the good paintball marker will provide plenty of scope for adjustments and upgrades. Even if your mag fed markers is already equipped with essential extras, you also want to add more scopes, sights and lasers to your weapon.

Best Bedding For Guinea Pig Odor Control: Carefresh VS. Kaytee bedding

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Guinea pigs spend most of their time in the cage. They require an excellent bedding material that is not only soft, cozy but also good absorbent and odor control. If you are looking for the bedding that good for odor control then you should choose the good absorbent material. This post is about 2 products that have been knowing as best bedding for guinea pig odor control:  Carefresh Complete Small Pet Bedding VS. Kaytee Soft Granule Blend Small Animal Bedding.

#1 Overall

Carefresh is confetti paper bedding; this bedding can be the best option for the owners who are looking for the comfortable and softy material to fill the guinea pig cage. This guinea pig bedding ideas for both indoor and outdoor guinea pig beds. This paper bedding is made from recycled paper, which is environment friendly. Due to this, you can rest your mind that this bedding is totally non-toxic even if your pets ingest it. Besides, it has the ability to biodegradable. Kaytee is made from reclaimed wood fibers, this material also friendly with the environment again. This bedding can expand about 3x its size in the package for maximum value.

#2 Odor control

The most important factor that you looking for is the odor control ability, then don’t worry because these two products are excellent at this job. Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding is considered as the best bedding for guinea pig odor control since it can remain fresh for ten days straight without any cleaning. It is also twice as absorbent as wood shavings. Kaytee bedding is 20% more absorbent. It can hold liquid for up to 4 times its weigh. Moreover, Kaytee comes with a pleasant scent of lavender, which helps to remove any bad odor. However, sometimes this fragrance of lavender may be too strong for some guinea pigs.

#3 Maintenance

Carefresh is made of organic and natural wood fibers, so it is sustainable and long-lasting, resulting in less frequent changes in bedding.  Paper bedding is not expensive to buy, but normally it will require keeping on change and refill. However, you can spot clean it, just removing the soiled part and leave the rest will much save the cost. Kaytee bedding made of white paper, its color helps you easy to find any dirty part and cleaning. However, due to its white color, the cage will become very messy if you do not clean it regularly.

Diet Requirement Of Juvenile Bearded Dragon

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In the conviction that getting started with a bearded dragon will require some research about them. Bearded dragons will need to be offered different diets at different stages of their life. In this post, we are going to discuss juvenile bearded dragon food, feeding schedule and some other things about their diet.

How often do juvenile bearded dragons eat?

A bearded dragon is considered as a juvenile when it is between 5 to 18 months old. Once your bearded dragons reach the juvenile stage of life, they should be fed less frequently than when they are younger. Because at that time, juvenile bearded dragon will slow down their growth speed and start reserve fat. If you still feed a juvenile bearded dragon with the same rate as a baby, this may cause the risk of obesity and health problem for it. It is ideal to feed them. Typically, a juvenile bearded dragon should be fed about twice or three times per day. Note: You should never place bearded dragons directly on the substrate. Even the best substrate for bearded dragons is also not the ideal place to put food, put these foods in a food dish instead.

What is juvenile bearded dragons diet?

The diet of juvenile bearded dragons is quite different from the baby diet. The ratio of insects to plants also changes as well. It is recommended to feed a juvenile a diet is 50% insects and 50% plants, vegetables and fruit. You should offer them only plants in the morning and only insects for the afternoon. Because if you provide them both plants and insect food at the same time, your bearded dragons may eat only insects and ignore their vegetables.

Live insect for juvenile bearded dragon

Juvenile bearded dragons can be allowed to eat some insects that avoided to feed for the babies such as mealworms, but only offer them mealworms for once time per week as treat. You can also provide larger insects for them. However, do not feed them any insects that larger than their head. From 5 to 18 months olds, bearded dragons can eat 10-15 dubia roaches and about 20-40 appropriately sized crickets per day.

What should you do when breeding bearded dragons?

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Bearded dragons are kept as pets can be bred all year round so you can breed them at any time of the year you want. Breeding bearded dragon requires your care, your time, your money and also preparation. So if you are intelligent breeders, you should widen your knowledge about this process to ensure it will be a success and your female dragon always healthy.

What age can bearded dragons breed?

Ideally, the time for breeding bearded dragon is after they turn to 18 months old. However, if you keep a male with a female in the same tank, they can breed sooner. Bearded dragon has its ability to breed from as young as 8 months.  In some cases, the size of the bearded dragons seems to be more important than their age. But if the female dragons trying to lay eggs after she is completely grown, this is can lead to some risk for her.

Nesting behavior of bearded dragons

When a female ready to lay eggs, she prefers to spend more time sleeping under the heater, she seems to be lethargic, slowly. About 4-6 weeks since she successful mating, her abdominal bloating and get ready to lay eggs. In fact, you can see the eggs are visible from the outside and you can feel them if touching. After 3 weeks, she starts to burrow in the cage, when it happened, you should provide her a convenient area to nesting. Prepare a plastic tub or container that includes a secure lid, this container should be large about 8-10 gallon capacity.  Fill the best tanks bearded dragons with at least 8 inches of moist, sandy soil. This mixture will be a good condition for her nesting behavior. Put her in this container and let her dig a burrow and lay eggs within a few hours.

If she does not lay eggs for a few hours in the container, you should place her back in her cage and repeat this process in the following day. Normally, female dragons will lay eggs in the afternoon or early evening, you should place her inlay chamber in this time of the day. The ideal temperature that you should maintain for the lay chamber is about 80 F degrees. Using the best reptile incubator to take easy care for these eggs.

Best Autoflower Seed Bank

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